Please enjoy this webinar in the GSL Webinar Series, sponsored by GSA.

Postgraduate students make up a quarter of the UK’s student population – so understanding their intentions for the uncertainty of the 2020/21 academic year will be of interest to universities, accommodation providers and more. ‘Beyond Lockdown: Intentions of Prospective UK Postgrads’ explores how prospective UK postgraduates’ plans for 2020/21 have shifted – for better or worse – in light of the ongoing situation with COVID-19.

This informative webinar on postgraduate intentions is presented by leading market research agency Red Brick Research‘s Ben Cooke and Zoe Revell.

The Global Student Living Webinar Series is brought to you by GSA & The Student Housing Company. In these unprecedented times, we want to thank GSA for its commitment to ensuring continued collaboration and learning across the field of student living and lifestyle for the benefit of students.

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