The Webinar Series

The webinar series is running for the rest of 2020 and will contain the best of the agenda that was scheduled for GSL Live 2020 in London. There will also be a number of extra sessions! Attendance is free, and sessions will be recorded and uploaded to GSL News – so even if you can’t make the live sessions, you’ll be able to catch up later.


Beyond Lockdown: Prospective Postgraduate Intentions for 2020/21

02/07/2020 – 14.10 (BST)

Leading market research agency Red Brick Research reveal the findings of new research on how the intentions of prospective postgraduate students have been affected by the consequences of COVID-19, and the impact of lockdown on their wellbeing.

  • Ben Cooke, Research Director, Red Brick Research
  • Zoe Revell, Associate Director, Red Brick Research

Student Accommodation Through Lockdown

16/07/2020 – 14.15 (BST)

Using hundreds of thousands of data points from the National Student Housing Survey (now part of the Global Student Living Index), GSL’s lead analyst, Sarah Ead, reveals the story of lockdown as experienced by students in PBSA.

  • Sarah Jones, Lead Analyst, GSL
  • Paula Dalziel, Head of Support, Inclusion and Wellbeing, Staffordshire University
  • Jen Steadman, Editor, GSL

You Gotta Have Faith: The role of student accommodation in the spiritual wellbeing of residents

28/07/2020 -15.00 (BST)

The team at GSA share their latest research on the role of religion in student wellbeing, followed by a discussion with guests.

  • Bobbi Hartshorne, External Relations and Student Wellbeing, GSA
  • Olivia McCafferty, Research Manager, Red Brick Research
  • Rev. Kate Harford,University Chaplain and Pastoral Care Lead, Oxford Brookes University
  • Jen Steadman, Editor, GSL
  • More Guests TBC

ResLife 24/7: An Award-Winning Strategy

10/09/2020 – 14.10 (BST)

In this webinar we’re joined by Gareth Kennedy from Ulster University. He shares the university’s new and award-winning ResLife strategy, and how the team implemented and refined this offer, even in the face of COVID.

  • Jen Steadman, Editor, GSL
  • Gareth Kennedy, Head of Residential Services, Ulster University

The Future of Strategic Marketing in Student Accommodation

08/12/2020 – 14:00 (GMT)

Join our debate with a panel of leading professional marketers who have built successful careers in the real-estate sector. We’ll be sharing and dissecting the results of new research and asking what this means for the future of professionals in the sector.

  • Sarah Canning (Luxtrom)
  • Nadine Lee (Lagom Marketing)
  • Suraiya Comunello (Nido)
  • Tim Daplyn (GSL)

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