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Ireland’s plans to become a destination of choice for international students gaining traction

While Australia, Canada, and the UK are tightening policy settings around international students, Ireland has been quietly working to position itself as a destination...
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Agent survey reveals growing interest in alternative study-abroad destinations

The recently released results of INTO’s annual University Partnerships’ Global Agent Survey highlight some subtle but important shifts in terms of international student study...
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Inbound Insight: Vietnam

In this Inbound Insight series article, we examine the shifting patterns of Vietnamese students choosing to study abroad and explore the priorities of this student cohort...
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Migration Advisory Committee: Graduate Route visa should remain

The highly anticipated report of the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) rapid review into the UK’s Graduate Route visa has concluded that the UK’s Graduate...
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Increasing number of international students choosing to study in Poland

Growing numbers of international students are turning to Poland for their study abroad experience, with the latest figures from the Polish education foundation Perspektywy showing...
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Declining international student interest in Canada, the UK and Australia

An aecc survey of 8,312 current and prospective international students from 124 countries (excluding China) has found that interest in Canada, the United Kingdom,...
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Inbound Insight: Bangladesh

In this Inbound Insight series article, we examine the rising number of Bangladeshi students choosing to study abroad and explore the priorities of this student cohort...
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Concerns Australia may follow Canada and cap international student numbers

Australia’s international education sector is facing significant disruption due to a sharp spike in student visa rejection rates, rescinded offers to some international students,...
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Netherlands to reduce international student numbers amid ongoing student housing crisis

Universities in the Netherlands have announced measures aimed at simultaneously reducing the number of international students and strengthening the Dutch language skills of students and staff with...
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Canada: Student housing shortage in the spotlight following announcement of international student cap

The recent announcement by the Canadian government to impose a cap on international student visas has brought the issue of Canada’s student housing shortage under...
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