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A young man uses a laptop

Foreign students in Australia tricked by contract cheat sites

Jill Rowbotham, Higher Education Reporter for The Australian, writes about the growing problem of often inadvertent contract cheating in Australian universities where large numbers...
A woman uses a computer

Sydney uni lowers entry scores for male-dominated courses

In a bid to encourage more female students to take up engineering, computing and construction degree courses, The Guardian reports that the University of...
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US colleges to better highlight funds for students with children

A report from the U.S Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that 1 in 5 students are juggling parenthood with college tuition. Federal funds...
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UK international students allowed two-year work visas again

The Home Office has announced that international students are again eligible for a two-year work visa after graduating from a British university, up from...
A student dabs in their graduation outfit

Australian uni funding linked to disadvantaged student outcomes

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that students are the focus of a new, performance-based federal university funding scheme, with student success, student experience and...
A young man in a hoodie covers his face with his hands

Bureaucratic backlog leaves Spain’s international students in limbo

A bureaucratic backlog is making life extremely difficult for foreign students in Spain this year. Authorities are taking longer than six months – twice...
A graphic of footballers with muscles and yellow eyes from Qumin's Manchester United campaign

Building hyper-relevant campaigns for Chinese students

From the Global Student Living Conference 2019. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL Conference here. Arnold Ma, founder...
A young black man standing in the street and smiling

Students’ debt to be paid off by donations at Atlanta College

Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia has declared the introduction of a programme where graduates' student debt can be paid off solely by donations, to...
A man stands at a board full of post-its, in front of his co-workers.

Spanish students respond to economic crisis with entrepreneurial spirit

Spanish university students are more entrepreneurial than their predecessors, according to a new study sponsored by the Axa Foundation and Educa 20.20. The survey...
A woman working on a Macbook in the dark

Computer Science students most likely to drop out in UK

Computer Science students are less likely to complete their course in the subject than any others, according to HESA figures for the UK published...
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