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A young man puts his hand across his face with a pained expression

Estranged students hindered by bureaucracy, report finds

Care leavers and estranged students that complete their university courses achieve as much as other students in their future careers - but are hamstrung...
A young man with Downs Syndrome celebrates with his father

Turkish students with learning disabilities fight to access university

Turkish students with special needs face many obstacles when attempting to enrol into universities, such as a lack of suitable entrance tests and placement...
Silhouette of a young woman on a sunny day

More UK students using ‘sugar daddy’ websites to fund degrees

According to Seeking Arrangement, the world’s largest ‘sugar daddy’ website, the number of UK students registering to be ‘sugar babies’ increased by 36% from 2018...

Fake uni sting in US sees 90 foreign students arrested

Approximately 90 students have been arrested after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) set up a fake Detroit university that enticed predominantly Indian students...
A woman stands smiling on Goolwa beach

Spike in int’l students heading to South Australia and Tasmania

The Australian reports on a dramatic increase during the last year in the number of international students wishing to study at universities in Tasmania...
A line of protesting scientists

International students crossed picket lines due to visa fears

Campaigners against hostile environment policies in higher education are advocating for universities to terminate the monitoring of international students’ attendance during strike action, as...
A young woman prays and looks afraid

Australian exchange students recalled from Hong Kong

ABC reports that Australian students on exchange in Hong Kong have been urged to return home without delay after pro-democracy protests reached campuses throughout...
A young woman studies at a table

‘True crime’ trend sees surge in Australian women studying Criminology

7News reports on how the popularity among younger people of true-crime podcasts, books, and television shows is driving interest in criminology study. A recently...
A woman looks disgruntled on a train

British students with long commutes more likely to drop out

A recent study into the progression rates at six London universities has found that travel time plays a significant role in students dropping out....

Melbourne student becomes Australia’s youngest ever mayor

A university student in Victoria has been elected as the Mayor of the City of Whittlesea. Emilia Lisa Sterjova has been a Melbourne councillor...
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