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A person with a backpack standing by a lake

Gen Z students prefer uni holiday travels to Gap Years

Generation Z students are three times more likely to go travelling during their university holidays than on a gap year, according to a report...
A group of people performs Tai Chi outside

Traditional martial arts gaining popularity with Chinese students

Traditional martial arts such as Tai Chi, considered to be an important touchstone of Chinese cultural heritage, have grown in popularity with students in...
Shelves full of bottles in alcohol shop

UK students ‘drawn’ to unfamiliar alcohol brands, report finds

A new report has suggested that UK students find unfamiliar alcohol brands appealing, in part because well-known brands "were associated with low quality." The...
An array of colourful vegetables

Oxford students to rank colleges on meat-free food provision

Students at the University of Oxford are ranking the ancient university's colleges on the quality of their vegetarian and vegan catering. The uni's Animal Ethics...
The interior of a clothing store

Store set up to provide free clothes to struggling Turkish students

The university rector at Turgut Ozal University has created a free store on campus, in order to provide free clothing and shoes to students. Wanting...
Gambling machines in an arcade

Gambling addiction: one man’s journey to help students overcome it

From the Global Student Living Conference 2018. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL...
North Korean woman at a party venue

Australian student shares surprising insight into North Korean daily life

Given North Korea's reputation for horrific human rights abuses, and the highly-publicised death of American student Otto Warmbier - who fell into a coma...
Woman holding lots of shopping bags

UK students vote for ASOS as most engaging retailer

Students from 258 universities and colleges have voted for the retailers they considered to be the best communicators, with online retailer ASOS coming out...
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