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Is elitism an issue in university sports?

Sports societies can offer students valuable outlets from their academic studies and can build friendships and camaraderie. But does every student have an equal...

What makes a good freshers’ week?

Freshers’ week is often touted as being extremely important for students’ social wellbeing at university, but determining what constitutes a good welcoming week is...
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How can we reduce sedentary behaviour in university students?

Students are vulnerable to excess sedentary time whilst at university; this is motivating scholars to develop new ways of encouraging students to get moving...
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What might a ‘virtual Freshers’ Week’ look like?

When you think of Freshers' Week, what immediately springs to mind? Packed out nightclubs, £1 shots or the dreaded 'Freshers' Flu'? Signing up to...
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International students in UK driven to food banks in lockdown

Hundreds of international students living in the UK have resorted to using food banks set up by organisations like Newham Community Project (NCP) in...
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Students’ absence has US college town businesses suffering

When students were evacuated from US campuses in March 2020, the effects on students, educators and the universities themselves were well documented - but...
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Report finds UK students spend £2,000 before starting uni

First year students spend an average of £2,000 in advance of starting university, according to a new report by UCAS Media, with the majority...

Subsidised meals for Slovene students boosts local restaurants

On the streets of Ljubljana, Maribor, and Koper, pedestrians often stumble across commercial posters advertising for 'Študentski Boni': coupons exclusively provided to Slovene students...
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Alcohol-free beer event encourages Belgian students to go sober

Belgium's KU Leuven University recently worked together with American-Belgian brewing company AB InBev - responsible for beer brands including Stella Artois, Budweiser and Leffe...

How gaming and gambling affect student life

From the Global Student Living Conference 2019. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL Conference here. https://vimeo.com/379732219 YGAM's brand...
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