“I’m delighted to introduce the GSL Australia and New Zealand Insight Report on The impact of student accommodation on student wellbeing. The study has revealed many import elements regarding the interrelation between student wellbeing and accommodation, not least that 95% of students are struggling at university to the extent that it is having a significant negative impact on their personal wellbeing. I hope you find the report valuable, and we look forward to working with you on future studies into wellbeing and accommodation!”

Sarah Ead, Project Lead, Global Student Living Index

The student population in Australia has exploded in recent years, on account of the proactive recruitment of international students. While domestic students tend to live at home for the duration of their studies, the huge number of international students has created fertile ground for the PBSA market: the number of beds across Australia is projected to almost double from just below 60,000 in 2015 to around 115,000 in 2022.

Our market insight report aims to shed light on the role of living environment on students’ wellbeing, focusing particularly on students living in PBSA. We have used our UK data for comparison where relevant to provide international context for the findings, as well as highlight any stark differences between territories.

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