Spanish university students are more entrepreneurial than their predecessors, according to a new study sponsored by the Axa Foundation and Educa 20.20. The survey reported a growing numbers of individuals being more likely to work towards doing something they enjoy while working for themselves, than finding a employment position for life.

With a combination of agency gained through digital technology, and experience from living through the global economic crisis, it is prime time for Spanish students to boom into the online and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Engineering and architecture students are especially entrepreneurial

To the question “Have you started creating your own company, or are you thinking about doing so in the coming years?”, 26.8% of respondents answered yes – a rise from previous surveys.

The most entrepreneurial students were those in engineering and architecture studies, as well as those studying social sciences and law, with the average age of the entrepreneur going down from 35-40 years of age to the 20-25 age range.

Canvassers interviewed 8,601 higher education students, mostly undergraduate, across 65 Spanish campuses, both private and public.

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