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Proposed changes to UK student loans branded ‘cruel’ and ‘regressive’

The UK government is currently in a consultation process over a set of proposed changes to the student loan regime. According to an impact...
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Report finds discrimination is still a common experience of black researchers

Findings from the Royal Society of Chemistry have shown that black and minority researchers face disproportionate challenges in funding applications, pay and promotions. A materials...
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Language and social concerns prove disincentivising for intl students in Germany

Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, German universities managed to retain international students through the pandemic. In the 2020/21 cohort, the number of international...
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‘Bad apples’ give wrong impression of students renting in Newcastle residential areas

Jesmond, an affluent area of Newcastle, is weathering noise and anti-social behaviour complaints. Some families say they can't work at home or even hear the...
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Career services as a ‘make or break’ student helpline

Social capital is the combination of knowledge, resources and tools people use when building networks as they progress through life. Effective social capital allows...
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University of California battles state environmental law to preserve student numbers

The University of California, Berkley are making tough decisions about admissions due to housing problems plaguing the state. Berkley residents are now using the...
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AI courses get £23million funding for National AI strategy

The UK ranks number three globally for the level of capital investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies which totalled almost £2.5billion in 2019. Home...
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Debenhams downsizing makes room for uni campus transformation

In a turn of events for the dying high street, a former Debenhams building in Gloucester is being converted into a university campus.  Gloucester City...
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Severe overcrowding signals need for rapid student housing development in Ireland

The housing crisis in Ireland, caused by a lack of available properties as well as rising rent prices, means students have been struggling to...
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More harm than good: preventable deaths hampered by zero-tolerance drug policies

The Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) has released a report detailing how students approach the practicalities of drug use at university. The findings show: Of...
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