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A man walking along a dark road at night

London uni creates male student mental health blueprint

In light of recent studies showing that male students are at an increased risk of suicide, Birkbeck University of London are pioneering a strategy in consultation with...
Leah Barfield and Lizz Brocklesby from Time to Change presenting at the GSL Conference 2018

Change is coming: young people’s perspectives on mental health

From the Global Student Living Conference 2018. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL Conference here. Mental health charity...
A group of students socialising over coffee

10-year report finds UK students socialise less in accommodation

For insights like this into national student accommodation trends, download the Shifting Foundations report here. Students have become more private and less interested in socialising...
A train travelling across a curved bridge

UK students’ uni options limited by expensive train costs for open days

Prospective students are being priced out of far-flung universities due to the high cost of cross-country train travel, limiting the choices of disadvantaged students. Social...
Shots on a tray

Bath Spa students given cards to test for drink spiking

Students joining Bath Spa University in the autumn will receive drink spiking test cards in their induction packs, amid increased reports of drink spiking. Made...
Shelves full of bottles in alcohol shop

UK students ‘drawn’ to unfamiliar alcohol brands, report finds

A new report has suggested that UK students find unfamiliar alcohol brands appealing, in part because well-known brands "were associated with low quality." The...
An array of colourful vegetables

Oxford students to rank colleges on meat-free food provision

Students at the University of Oxford are ranking the ancient university's colleges on the quality of their vegetarian and vegan catering. The uni's Animal Ethics...
Gambling machines in an arcade

Gambling addiction: one man’s journey to help students overcome it

From the Global Student Living Conference 2018. Head here to register your interest for future GSL conferences, and learn more about the GSL...
community party

Eight ways students can better integrate with the local community

We all know that human beings are social animals, and with that comes a basic need to belong. The benefits of social connectedness are...
A student holds a microphone at a protest

Bristol students’ strike convinces uni to prioritise affordable accommodation

A student accommodation protest has persuaded the University of Bristol to reduce the price of their student halls. Over 150 Bristol students withheld their...
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