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In March 2020, the UK went into lockdown. As universities closed, a new reality was dawning for those students many miles from home, family and loved ones. It was also a particularly challenging time for those students who found university to be an escape from domestic issues, and for those who may have suddenly lost their support networks as friends returned home.

This was and still is an unprecedented time. But the sector did not shy away from these challenges and indeed launched into action. We now look to celebrate these achievements and those individuals who made a difference.

All of our student accommodation hero nominees were chosen by students up and down the country, and came through student feedback in the Global Student Living Index, which powers the National Student Housing Awards.

In early September, a student-led judging panel looked at all of the final nominations and had the difficult task of determining who would win one of this year’s hero awards.  The student judges commented on the level of support that had been given and found huge merit in a diverse range of nominations made.

So, who won the Student Accommodation Hero Awards? You can view the winners in our awards video, or scroll down for the full list.

Care and Support

Scott Taylor – Accommodation Manager, Collegiate AC

Agata Korecka – Residence Life Assistant, Queen Margaret University

Friendly Face

Guv Barn – Digs Student Accommodation

Dorottya Palkovits – Residence Assistant, University of Strathclyde


Chanelle Tolcher – Customer Service Assistant, Host.

Catherine Kelly – Accommodation Officer and Residence Life Assistant

Home Builder

Sharon Clifford – Accommodation Manager, Fresh Student Living

Tracy Hargreaves – Grizedale Accommodation Manager, Lancaster University

Community Builder

Nicola Rooney – Admin Assistant, The Student Housing Company

Chrisjoy Rodrigues – Hall Rep, University of Birmingham


Frank Quirke and Danny Flaherty – Facilities Assistants, Uninest

Joe Seabrook – Residential Assistant, Ulster University


Kerry Armson – Accommodation Manager, Fresh Student Living

Anthony O’Reilly – Assistant Student Life Manager, St Mary’s University Twickenham


James Bee – General Manager, Nido Student

Urszula Uryszek – Residential Advisor, University of Liverpool

Quick Thinker

Trevor Bailey – Site Representative, Derwent FM

Lewis Gaertig – Customer Services Assistant, University of the West of England


Joe Stojic – General Manager, The Student Housing Company

Barry Neal – Customer Service Assistant, University of Birmingham

Wellbeing Champion

Samuel Honnoraty – Welfare Coordinator, Bournemouth University & Campus Living Villages

Gillian Francey – Res Life Coordinator, Ulster University

Cool In A Crisis

Winnie Motoko – Customer Service Advisor, Campus Living Villages

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