Students in the US want their purpose-built student accommodation to help them achieve success after university, according to a New York Times feature on students’ changing expectations of their off-campus housing.

Student housing management company Campus Advantage offers its residents opportunities to have professional headshots taken, their résumés critiqued, and timely rent payments reported to credit agencies so students can build a positive credit score. Other providers have included study rooms, innovation labs and 3D printers in their offerings.

Housing that helps students to make the most of an expensive education

Another important consideration is designing accommodation in a way that caters to the gig economy, which makes life more convenient for students and creates more time for them to work and study.

Higher education in the US is some of the costliest in the world. US student debt – estimated to total $1.6 trillion – has been a leading topic in the Democratic primaries so far, with many leading nominees incorporating debt relief or cancellation initiatives into their policy platforms.

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