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30% of UK students lose graduate jobs or offers in COVID-19 chaos

Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, competition for graduate jobs has reached an all-time high - with graduate job openings declining by 77% since January, leaving...
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‘Laddish’ UK student behaviour disrupts university courses

Staff at six UK universities revealed loutish behaviour was being directed – predominantly by young men from middle and upper-class backgrounds – towards female lecturers, particularly...
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Research finds mental health behind 1 in 3 UK decisions to drop out

A study by MyUniChoices has shown that a third of students that drop out of university in the UK do so because of poor...
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Chinese students leave the UK in fear of racist attacks

Chinese students at UK universities have returned to China in their droves following a series of recent reports of Chinese students being subjected to...
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Report finds UK students spend £2,000 before starting uni

First year students spend an average of £2,000 in advance of starting university, according to a new report by UCAS Media, with the majority...
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Estranged students hindered by bureaucracy, report finds

Care leavers and estranged students that complete their university courses achieve as much as other students in their future careers - but are hamstrung...
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Tip-off service set up to stop dangerous UK student initiations

Amid growing concerns around student initiations that compel students to perform dangerous tasks to join a club or society, the body that organises student...
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University of Sheffield hires students to tackle on-campus racism

The University of Sheffield has recently announced plans to hire 20 students to address on-campus racism and ‘microaggressions’, in response to demand from students. Koen...

How to create positive student communities through social media

From the Global Student Living Conference 2019. Learn more about the GSL Conference here. In 2015, Experian Simmons found that 98% of higher education students used social...
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More UK students using ‘sugar daddy’ websites to fund degrees

According to Seeking Arrangement, the world’s largest ‘sugar daddy’ website, the number of UK students registering to be ‘sugar babies’ increased by 36% from 2018...
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