Measuring tape around waist

How universities can support students with eating disorders

Mental health is high on the agenda in the higher education sector, with associated drop-out rates more than trebling from 2009/10 to 2014/15. While...
A llama, standing in a field with a mountain in the background

‘Llamapalooza’, Berkeley’s take on animal therapy for stressed students

A final-year student at the University of California, Berkeley has offered students a novel way to destress during the exam season - involving llamas....
A white robot looks upwards

German students have mixed opinions on ‘first robot lecturer’, Yuki

English linguistics students at the University of Marburg are the first in Germany to be taught by a robot. Humanoid robot Yuki is the...
Coins spilling out of a jar

Sanctions drive Iranian students in US to crowdfund tuition fees

Struggling to pay for tuition and living expenses due to a series of geopolitical crises back home, Iranian students studying in the US are...
Empty medicine bottles on a shelf

Students accused of being majority of Nigeria’s drug users

A university Vice Chancellor has claimed that the majority of drug addicts in Nigeria are students in higher education. Professor Joshua Ogunwole, VC at Bowen...
A robot waves

Automation opportunities for Australian students – if universities can keep up

Nearly half of current Australian work activities will be automated by the year 2030, according to a McKinsey and Company report. This could result...
Friends chatting indoors while sitting in armchairs

Students set up Ireland’s first Traveller society in Galway

Irish Traveller students at NUI Galway have launched the first student society for Travellers in the Republic of Ireland, in partnership with the Galway Traveller Movement. The...
A row of hospital beds

Hundreds of unvaccinated California students quarantined in measles scare

Students at two California universities in Los Angeles have been quarantined, following exposure to the measles virus on their campuses. More than 500 students at...
A street in Buenos Aires

Cash-strapped Argentine students swap pricy private universities for budget-friendly public ones

Amid economic turmoil, swathes of Argentinian students are opting to study at public universities instead of their pricier private counterparts - even if it...
A lonely hand on a window pain while it rains outside

Lonely no more: how to prevent student isolation at your uni

With rising numbers of people saying they feel lonely, and a well-publicised 2015 clinical study that found that isolation had the same health effect...
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