The Generalitat (Government of Catalonia) is making university directors in Catalonia commit to increase the number of subjects taught in the Catalan language to 80% and has also commissioned reports detailing which teachers do not use the language in the classroom. 

The issue has surfaced due to concerns by Catalan officials over the decreasing level of the language spoken in schools and universities.

But in an open letter sent to eight public universities, more than 200 professors part of the ‘Universitaris per la Convivència’ platform called for respect of bilingualism on campuses in Catalonia.

They wrote that linguistic freedom has been threatened in the name of security and transparency, and denounced the actions declared by the Generalitat. 

The measures, they insist, are linked to the greater cause of Catalan nationalism which has caused division between Spain and Catalonia for decades and has heightened since the movement for independence in 2017.

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