Students priced out of affordable housing in central Copenhagen have been offered an unusual alternative to turn to – floating flats made from recycled shipping containers.

Made in collaboration with Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group, ‘The Urban Rigger’ design comprises by nine shipping containers stacked on top of a floating concrete pontoon, creating 12 student apartments with storage space, laundry rooms and technical equipment available to its tenants.

The Urban Rigger: Defying limited and expensive building space

The flats were devised by entrepreneur Kim Loudrup in 2013 after seeing his son struggle to find affordable housing in the Danish capital. Copenhagen is one of the most expensive European cities in which to buy or rent property, due to ever-growing urbanisation and housing demand.

The Nordic design has gained much attention in recent years, inspiring the Swedish city of Göteborg to construct a floating village of 24 riggers able to host 288 students. Countries such as Russia, USA, China, and South Korea have shown interest in replicating the design, acknowledging its potential to reinvigorate neighbourhoods and help students in areas with poor socioeconomic status.

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