According to Estudio de Educación en Línea AIMX (Study of Online Education AIMX), 97% of Mexican web surfers are studying or are interested in studying a career.

However, a combined lack of time, resources and spaces at public universities has created a favourable environment for online education à la carte in which young Mexicans can choose their schedules, curriculum and budget.

The potential market for specialised online education in Mexico

Internet is the main source of education-related information for young Mexicans, and 62% of Mexican web users have either a bachelor’s degree or a Bachelor of Engineering. In addition, 57% of those users earn between $5,000 MXN – $15,000 MXN ($250 USD – $750 USD) which – given the cost of living in Mexico – would allow them to invest in online education.

According to the same study, the most important incentives for young Mexicans to invest in online education are personal satisfaction, earning a higher salary and the prospect of job promotions.

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