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A young woman looks down in a dark alleyway

Thousands of US community college students left homeless

Research conducted by the HOPE Centre shows that 1 in 5 community college students in the U.S. either lived in shelters, on the streets or out...
A man with a headset plays e-sports

Student gamers eligible for e-sports scholarships at 200 US unis

Nearly 200 universities in the United States are offering e-sports tuition scholarships to student gamers, recognising its recruitment potential as e-sports become the fastest-growing...
A pepperoni pizza

Study finds Canadian students gain weight in first year of uni

A Canadian study has found that students in Canada gain weight during the first year of university, with men gaining double the amount of...
A woman holds a cup that says 'Like a boss'

US students want PBSA that improves their job prospects

Students in the US want their purpose-built student accommodation to help them achieve success after university, according to a New York Times feature on...
A crying person holding a smile over their mouth

Canadian student creates first-aid kit for mental health

Tina Chan, a student at Canada’s University of Waterloo, has created an innovative first-aid kit for mental health, in response to her own struggles with panic...
A llama, standing in a field with a mountain in the background

‘Llamapalooza’, Berkeley’s take on animal therapy for stressed students

A final-year student at the University of California, Berkeley has offered students a novel way to destress during the exam season - involving llamas....
A row of hospital beds

Hundreds of unvaccinated California students quarantined in measles scare

Students at two California universities in Los Angeles have been quarantined, following exposure to the measles virus on their campuses. More than 500 students at...
A pair of hands typing on a keyboard

US online census – benefiting students, disenfranchising minorities?

In a move that will benefit the 'digital native' generation of students, the next US census will be largely conducted online, in a bid...
A man covers his face with his hands

Students’ trust in US higher education plummets as costs soar

Polling organization Gallup has released a report showing that public confidence in the US higher education sector has declined by 9%. Despite the fact...
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