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Australian student data hack highlights the critical importance of cyber security

International students in Australia have been left fearful of the repercussions of a major data breach of Australian private health insurance company Medibank, one of five companies authorised to provide compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
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AI courses get £23million funding for National AI strategy

The UK ranks number three globally for the level of capital investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies which totalled almost £2.5billion in 2019. Home...
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Medical students attend UK’s first lecture in Metaverse

Professor Shafi Ahmed, who teaches using technologies such as using Google Glass, mixed reality, holograms and avatars, conducted the class with third-year medical students...
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Virtual learning technology: a race to the future of education

The virtual learning technology Engageli is being introduced to Coventry University designed to support active learning and deeper peer-to-peer collaboration in online classes. The...
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Remedying loneliness: a case for technology

Want to combat loneliness? - there's an app for that. Students at the University of Essex have partnered with the app Umii, a mobile and...
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Insights from European student gaming survey: reboot your thinking

Ask4 have just released a report alongside Red Brick Research called 'Gaming for Good' on the use of digital games in the context of...
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The London School of Economics is making its carbon neutral dreams a reality

The British Standards Institution has named LSE the first carbon neutral university in the UK. Direct emissions from the university have dropped by 44% since...

85% of university students experienced learning loss in India last year

Whilst students felt this loss accounted for 40 to 60% of learning, university leaders claimed the loss only impacted learning by 30 to 40%. Causes...
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What might a ‘virtual Freshers’ Week’ look like?

When you think of Freshers' Week, what immediately springs to mind? Packed out nightclubs, £1 shots or the dreaded 'Freshers' Flu'? Signing up to...

Has COVID-19 improved access for the UK’s disabled students?

Unprecedented - a word that has become all too familiar in 2020, taking centre stage in our day-to-day lives and featured in almost every...
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