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Canada: Student housing shortage in the spotlight following announcement of international student cap

The recent announcement by the Canadian government to impose a cap on international student visas has brought the issue of Canada’s student housing shortage under...
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Canada implements immediate cap on international student study permits

Canada’s decision to implement a two-year cap on the number of new international students issued with a study visa has raised concern that the...

GSL Announces Finalists for 2024 Booking and Moving In Awards

Student feedback gathered from the latest wave of the Global Student Living Index (2023 Q4) in the UK & Ireland and in Europe, has...
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Latest student accommodation data shows overall improvements in the moving-in experience

Over ten years’ worth of Global Student Living Index (GSL Index) data highlights that first impressions count when it comes to student accommodation. The...
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Inbound Insight: United States

In this Inbound Insight series article, we look at the United States (US) as a sending country, and explore the priorities of this student cohort when...
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Fears that France’s attractiveness as a study-abroad destination under threat as parliament clamps down...

The French parliament has passed a raft of immigration measures, which include an increase in tuition fees for non-EU students and the introduction of...
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Student accommodation budget concerns ease as 9 in 10 signal interest in premium features

Accommodation has never been more important to students when making their decision of where to study, according to the latest figures from the Global...
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Latest GSL Index Data Raises Concerns for Jewish Student Welfare in UK Universities

Key findings from the survey of more than 40,000 students reveal that fewer than half (46%) of Jewish students agree that their university “cares about their wellbeing”.
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Fears the UK may lose appeal for international students as government announces review of...

UK Home Secretary, James Cleverly’s recent announcement of a package of measures aimed at reducing migration levels and curbing migration system abuse has raised...
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Growing number of UK students choosing to study in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly attractive study-abroad destination for international students, with the latest figures from the Bulgarian National Statistics Institute (NSI) showing that...
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