The Global Student Living Index

Features and Benefits

Understand and track your students' experience

Track changing student attitudes, motivations and behaviours over time. The Index is built on a sophisticated time-sensitive data model allowing you to demonstrate operational improvements and identify emerging trends.

Alongside clear expert summaries, the Index makes detailed impact reporting simple. Track outcomes over time, compare performance side-by-side and illustrate with student quotes to prove the impact of your residence initiatives.

Measure the impact of campaigns and operational initiatives

Drive standards and operational improvements across your organisation

Quickly and easily pick out strengths and weaknesses across your business on a wide range of measures. Put reporting and dashboards in the hands of local teams and target improvements effectively on those measures that have been proven to impact outcomes the most.

Benchmark your performance against relevant competitors at a local, regional, national and global level. Identify and target any weaknesses in delivery, and spot opportunities to shout about your own strengths and achievements.

Benchmark to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses

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High level competitive benchmarking will help you develop and refine your brand strategy, while insight into local market dynamics, customer behaviour, referral channels and purchase experiences will give you the detail you need to deliver effective local campaigns.

Design and plan your local and national marketing strategies

Demonstrate your commitment to customer experience

The Global Student Living Index is mobile optimised, location-aware and professionally translated into eight languages including Chinese, Arabic and Malay. A modular structure and sophisticated routing keeps the experience engaging and positive, reinforcing your brand.

More Features

Registration and setup completed in minutes, not days

Select professionally designed and tested survey modules to meet your specific needs

Add custom questions if needed

Benchmark against relevant competitors

Fully compliant with local privacy regulations in each operating territory

Subscribe to multiple waves per year at no additional cost

Mobile-optimized and available in 10 different languages, including Chinese, Arabic and Malay

Promotional materials and prizes are provided FREE of charge, or use your own

Celebrate your team’s achievements through recognised industry awards (specific territories)

"It’s very easy to set up and places little demand on your time once it’s out there. All you need do is wait for the results to come in!"

A number of standard subscription packages are available for

Universities and HE Providers 🡥

PBSA Operators and Investors 🡥

We also have a range of more bespoke services tailored especially for

Suppliers and Partners 🡥

Youth Brands and Agencies 🡥

Whatever your industry or sector, if students are an important part of your strategy, we have a solution for you.