A recent survey of students and young graduates by graduate-jobs.com and GradTouch has revealed the anxiety young people are feeling in the face of a rising cost of living crisis in the UK.

The survey of 1,013 students and graduates was carried out during the first 2 weeks of September 2022 and sought to measure the impact of cost of living on the outlook of young people.

As well as concerns about future careers, the survey highlighted the immediate struggles faced by some. Around one in twenty (5%) say they have used a food bank with around a quarter (24%) saying they expect to in the near future. Travel costs are also a concern, with 40% saying the cost of commuting is preventing them from travelling to areas where they’d prefer to work.

The survey also backs up trends reported in other studies, of graduates expecting their employers to do more to help. More than half say that a contribution to travel costs is important to them with 42% saying they’d like to see salary-advance schemes to help make ends meet. A third of respondents said they’d like help from their employer in securing accommodation.

Learn more about the research at https://employers.gradtouch.com/news/how-the-rising-cost-of-living-is-affecting-students-and-graduates-future-careers/